Obama Admin to Renew Nuclear Scientists Exchanges with the China Regime

by Cristy Li on December 22, 2011

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(Washington Times) Leave it up to a President with no foreign policy experience before entering the Oval Office, to come up with a real boner.

Deputy Energy Secy Daniel B Poneman is working on a major Obama Admin initiative that would renew Scientist exchanges between U.S. Nuclear Laboratories and China Regime Nuclear Facilities.

The idea is aimed at ‘promoting openness and transparency’ with the Chinese Communist Party & Military, which has threatened the United States with WW III to Protect Islamic Fascist Iran from any possible military action to prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The Obama Admin naively hopes by revealing nuclear secrets with China, they’ll be able to “coax” the already reluctant Chinese Communist Party into engaging in strategic nuclear arms talks with the United States instead of just stealing U.S. Intelligence by launching more cyber attacks against Defense Contractors, Nuclear Labs and the Pentagon which has been going on for decades.

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