Will “U.N. Arms Trade Treaty” Force U.S. to Abandon Taiwan?

by Cristy Li on June 9, 2012

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Comrade Barack Obama has never been committed to American ally Taiwan, in-fact since before he was inaugurated as President, Obama promised his China Communist partners that he would continue to support totalitarianism of Taiwan.

Obama has pinned the United Nations front and center to his administration’s philosophy of foreign policy–prior to engaging militarily in Libya, Obama sought approval of the United Nations doing an end run around Congress in which he was rebuked overwhelmingly by a bipartisan vote of 295-123 with 70 Democrats joining Republicans to criticize Obama’s Libyan policy.

Now in (possibly) the waning months of the Obama Administration the White House is rushing headlong into a number of United Nation’s sponsored treaties, absent much regard to United States Sovereignty and our national security interests.

In July, the United Nation Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) will be negotiated–one reason to be concerned about the ATT, is the risks that it poses to the United States to sell arms to Taiwan.

The United States is legally as well as strategically and morally obliged to make military hardware and services available to our ally Taiwan for their defense pursuant to the Taiwan Relations ACT based solely on Taiwan’s defense needs and not on consultation with the China Regime.  Something as simple as Assistant Secy of State Thomas Countryman’s allowance for “bilateral diplomatic exchanges with China (about proposed arms exports) to seek and find mutual accommodations about our differing views of the world and the common interest of promoting regional security could be, in context of arm sales to Taiwan a violation of U.S. law,” writes Ted R Broumund and Dean Cheng –The Heritage Foundation

The United States should be making it clear to the United Nations & China Regime that it cannot accept any treaty that would disturb our binding obligations to Taiwan and that they are not willing to consider the ATT nor will they waiver from this decision but does the Obama Administration have the backbone necessary to reject the United Nations & China’s ambitious plans to have a seat at the table when it comes to United States foreign affairs?

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