Pelosi: Repealing ObamaCare Would Do Serious Violence To National Debt

by Cristy Li on January 5, 2011

in Government

Democrat-Socialist House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claims that, repealing ObamaCare would do very serious violence to our national debt….because nationalizing health care is a money saver.

Pelosi’s Minions have taken to the House Floor the afternoon and have echoed the same tired old liberal rhetoric that the GOP Majority wants to increase the deficit by repealing ObamaCare, reiterating that the Congressional Budget Office says that the 2010 Health Care bill will cut the deficit.

What are the facts: CBO has a Dismal Record of Forecasting Cost Estimates

Lies, Damned Lies and CBO Estimates –CATO @ Liberty

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Leaves with a Whopper

Rep. John Dingell, D-MI: ObamaCare Will Eventually Control The People

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