Justice Antonin Scalia: “If the Government Can Do This What Else Can it Not Do?”

by Cristy Li on March 27, 2012

in Government

(Townhall) Day two of oral arguments began where the first day ended, with Justice Anthony Kennedy asking Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, Jr  if there “are any limits” of government pushing for excessive authority to require Americans, simply by their virtue of being alive to enter into a contractual relationship with an insurance company by force of law?

Chief Justice Roberts then suggested, that should the government have this limitless authority, might the government mandate that every American, simply by their virtue of being alive to carry a cell phone, to be ready in case of emergencies?

Justice Antonin Scalia stated at Pg 13 Line 11 in the transcript of today’s proceedings “…you can make people buy broccoli…Pg 28 Line 1: If the government can do this what–what else can it not do?”

Justice Anthony Kennedy: Individual Mandate fundamentally changes relationship of government.

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