Day 19 Egyptian Hostage Crisis: Americans Held Captive Awaiting Trial

by Cristy Li on February 8, 2012

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Egyptian Judges Sameh Abu Zeid & Ashef el-Ashmawi Press Conference to discuss charges filed against 43 people including 19 American NGO’s

(Wall Street Journal) Foreign NGO’s are working to manipulate Egypt’s post-revolutionary politics, two (above) Egyptian Judges said today in the latest signal that Egypt will not back down from an investigation and detention of 19 American NGO’s for failing to register with the government and unlawfully receiving foreign funds without permission.

For the first time since the inquiry began last Summer, the investigating judges a body of superfluous evidence which include seized maps, videos and cash they claim implicates 43 civil society workers (which includes the American Hostages) in acts of ill defined political subterfuge.

More here Egypt Vows to Press NGO Case Despite U.S. Threats -McClatchy

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    • LM

      Makes me wonder why this isn’t being updated daily in every newspaper and television news show. It’s human interest in the face of an implacable crazy foreign government, right?

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