Washington Disaster–Chivalry Is Dead

by Cristy Li on April 8, 2011

in Government

Conservatives have been making the argument that one can’t spend their way to prosperity and the Fallacy of Obamanomics would have negative consequences and not achieve the results promised.

On the 23 March, I wrote here that the federal government posted a record monthly budget shortfall of $223 Billion in February, what are the consequences of all that stimulus spending by Democrat-Socialists in the 111th Congress?

Food & Gas Prices (Inflation) on the Rise –WLUK Fox News 11 Green Bay, WI

Oil Climbs 2.3% in a single day rising to $112 Highest Price in 30 Months –MarketWatch

Gold Prices Soar to a Record High Closing about $1,473–Dollar Sages Against Euro –CNBC

Unwilling to engage in any serious dialogue to get the economy back on track, Democrat Socialists have engaged in some of the worst kind of fear mongering yet—Chivalry is Dead.

Sen. Harry Reid: Budget Negotiations Stalled Over Reproductive Rights & Clean Air

Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-NY on GOP Colleagues: “They’re here to Kill Women”

Why Didn’t the Democrat-Socialist 111th Congress Pass the FY 2011 Budget? –Red State

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