Chinese Communist Dictator in Waiting Xi Jinping Goes to Washington

by Cristy Li on February 15, 2012

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China Liberty Activists Demonstration Protesting Chinese Communist Party Secretariat Xi Jinping Visit to White House

Money is No Object: State Department (Taxpayers) Throw Lavish Party for China Communist Dictator in Waiting Xi Jinping

(Epoch Times) Peoples Republic of China Vice Chairman Xi Jinping met with President Obama yesterday at the White House as U.S. Leaders learn who is expected to be the next China Dictator–Xi Jinping has been described as an ambitious ideologist, pragmatist, staunchly anti-American, being managed and his movements carefully scripted to support the China Regime propaganda machine.

Xi believes that rule by a “committed Communist Party leadership is the key to enduring social stability and national strength,” according to a WikiLeaks cable.

As the son of a first generation revolutionary leader in the Chinese Communist Party who subsequently fell out of the good graces Mao Zedong in 1962, spending the next 16 years in solitary confinement–upon his release from prison he became a moderate politician.

What Xi ultimately brings to the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is not exactly clear, he is often referred to as the compromise candidate–a compromise between the opposing factions of former Chinese Dictator Jiang Zemin and its present authoritarian oppressor Hu Jintao

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    • Ernald Mac

      Much of the media has highlighted the trip of this Communist princelings, but what about the recent Congressional testimony given by the wives of Gao Zhisheng and Guo Quan? Most people won’t know them cause we’re too busy “honoring” our Creditors with lavish attention. Who else is going to fund Obamacare mandates?

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