China Netizens React To Obama’s Reelection

by Cristy Li on November 7, 2012

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Obama Reelection Tops Chinese Social Media –China Media Project

(China Smack) Selected reactions by China Netizens to President Obama’s reelection on Tuesday night:

  • “Bet on the Wrong One”
  • “Have to look at the same face, for another four years.”
  • “Good News. America is doomed!”
  • “The next few years for China will be easier now…”
  • “My law school is in complete silence ha-ha-ha.”
  • “Uh Oh, America’s ordinary common people must suffer another four years.”
  • “Time for some change, eh?”
  • “Should I be crying, or crying, or crying, or crying, or crying.”
  • “Time to buy gold.”
  • “The economy will never recover.”

President Obama may have been able to fool half of the country but many China Netizens were able to see right through all of the platitudes and Democrat-Socialist/Progressives political rhetoric.

More China Netizens reactions here to President Obama’s reelection.

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    • Rendin

      Thanks for posting this. As an American that is living in Taiwan right now with very little Chinese or Taiwanese learned so far, it is refreshing to get some different points of views from this site.

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