Artist Depicts Obama Burning the Constitution in “One Nation Under Socialism”

by Cristy Li on March 21, 2012

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“One Nation Under Socialism” –Jon McNaughton

(CBS News DC) Artist Jon McNaughton who has regularly mixed religion and politics in his work has released a new painting: One Nation Under Socialism depicting dictator wannabe Barack Obama, holding the U.S. Constitution while it burns.

This painting couldn’t be more fitting in light of recent activities by this Imperial President which I have written about here and here in recent days, disregarding the Constitution of the United States in exchange for a more dictatorial central government that isn’t answerable to the American Citizens but has seized power unto itself.

McNauhton previously depicted Obama stepping on the nations founding document “One Nation Under Socialism” glowers directly as if challenging the viewer–his right hand is holding the Constitution while his left hand is pointing to the flames.

Video here “One Nation Under Socialism” –Jon McNaughton

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