A nuclear winter to follow a Nuclear Option

by Eugene on March 15, 2010

in Government

The liberal fanatic elitists in Congress are close to pulling the trigger on the Nuclear Option, but will they be ready for the fallout?

Before the Democrats trigger their Nuclear option, they should review their college physics text books one last time and realize that at it’s essence the Nuclear option, like the bomb it is named after, is an uncontrollable chain reaction. This Nuclear option has all the makings of a Political Neutron Bomb for their party; a tactical nuclear weapon designed to eliminate people but leave buildings intact. The Democratic Leadership should take a deep cleansing breath, remove their ideological 3D health care shades and have a look around. Somehow in the mass confusion that has been characteristic of this torturous process of producing health care legislation they have overlooked the Bright red rings outlining the bulls eye that this monstrosity has imprinted on their political careers.

Americans don’t want to see that happen and are confounded as to why the Democrat leaders insist on passing this monstrosity without public support. Indeed the liberal Democrats are executing such an extreme political plan that defies all logic — a form of ideological fanaticism. It is unfortunate that we are witnessing in front of our eyes the corruption from power and perversion of our democracy.

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