Walmart Chinatown Los Angeles: A Community Leaders Perspective

by Cristy Li on April 1, 2012

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(LA Chinatown Business Council–Munson Kwok)

Walmart, at the smaller scale should be welcome to Chinatown.

The space Walmart proposes to use has been fallow for over two decades, waiting for the supermarket that has never come as part of the first floor of an affordable senior housing development…It was a big disappointment when a major chain backed out, the Seniors anticipated a market–they deserve the option of lower prices with their limited income.

The L.A. Chinatown Walmart Neighborhood Market promises 65 jobs which is better than the zero jobs of the last 22 years–with the present high unemployment rate, 65 jobs are very meaningful…a new supermarket will make L.A. Chinatown, more of a destination for downtowners and some Chinatown businesses, likely restaurants and ethnic specialty shops may benefit.

Who is standing in the way of business revitalization, economic renewal and opportunity in L.A. Chinatown?

None other than Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) founded in 1993 the Green Jobs policy Progressive organization that has taken issue with Walmart, together with their wage scale and nonunion workforce. These loony liberal lefties would rather see Los Angeles Chinatown residents not realize the benefits of urban renewal and revitalization of a long time vacant store front location, in order to advance their political objectives.

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Why Union Advocates Want to Keep Walmart out of Chinatown?

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