So Much for Obama’s (Greece) European Bailout–When will Europe be Seeking its Next Bailout from America? Who will Save Us?

by Cristy Li on April 19, 2012

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Europe Loves Obama–Europe Loves American Money –Totus

(ETF Daily News) Despite all of its best efforts and hopes, Wall Street will never escape what’s happening in the Eurozone–the 1 Trillion Euro ($1.3 Trillion USD) slush fund created to keep the chaos at bay is not big enough and it never was.

Spanish banks are now up to their proverbial eyeballs in debt and the austerity program that many believe is working so great in Greece, will eventually push Spain over the edge.

“The two years since Greece first owned up to the dire state of its public finances have seen numerous attempts to put a lid on the crisis but the problem has proved notoriously difficult to contain,” writes Guy Verhofstadt, in the Wall Street Journal “Greece is partway through its second bailout and may require a third…”

So much for the last infusion of capital from American Taxpayers to save Europe, courtesy of the Obama Administration and its love for bailouts but who is going to save us?

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