Obama Trade Policy Puts Labor Unions Ahead Of American Consumers

by Cristy Li on September 27, 2010

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Democrat-Socialists who either don’t understand economics or believe by following the same poor decisions in the past will obtain a different result are woefully ignorant about the lessons of history and basic economics.

Last week I wrote here that President Obama lectured China Premier Wen Jiabao, to swiftly revalue the Yuan, as Democrat-Socialists are looking to blame someone other than themselves for the economic failures.

As Congress Plays Tough On China, Yuan Strengthens

Democrat-Socialists that control Congress and rely heavily on China to finance our growing debts, may placate their liberal constituent base but they are doing nothing good for the American consumer, except raising prices and taxes on an already weakened economy during a recession.

Just over one year ago, the Obama Administration’s decision to impose a 35% tariff  on Chinese tires entering the United States to help their big union buddies, ended up hurting American consumers who paid more for automobile tires while having less money in their pocket books to purchase other consumer goods, resulting in a further erosion of the economy.

The families hardest hit by the Obama Administration’s Trade War with China are low to middle income Americans, who chose to purchase $50 to $60 Chinese made tires compared to $120 to $175 for premium American brand tires.

As Trade Sanctions between China and the United States heat up, China Commerce Ministry has announced that it will impose a 105.4% Import Tariff on American Poultry resulting in a crushing blow to American Poultry Farmers struggling to survive during the recession.

The Obama Administration short sighted trade policies of putting Union Supporters ahead of the American Consumer, is only eroding an already weakened and struggling economy attempting to climb out of a deep recession, which the Democrat-Socialist majority in Congress are only worsening.

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Interview: China should keep Yuan stable and resist United States by Yao Kevin—Reuters

China says it will determine Yuan rate independently—Bloomberg/Businessweek

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