Obama (Carter 2) Latest Stimulus Plan Failure

by Cristy Li on August 18, 2011

in Economy

With the U.S. Economy is disarray, its becoming increasingly obvious that Team Obama has no new ideas to spark economic growth. The various rounds of stimulus had little positive effect and left the nation with an additional $5 Trillion in debt. So it should come as no surprise that Obama’s best idea is another round of (stimulus) infrastructure spending here we go again.

Obama’s latest, pathetic prattling about infrastructure and a third (or fourth) stimulus shows that Obama has learned ‘nothing’ during his thirty months in office. Only recently, Obama admitted he had learned the painful lesson that many of the proposed “shovel ready” projects weren’t shovel ready at all.

Obama seemed to understand that the $787 Billion actual $862 Billion stimulus bill that he pushed with wild conviction did not have the intended impact. Unemployment rates have remained high, while small and mid-sized construction firms never experienced the promised building boom but instead went out of business or were forced to cut workers. Obama’s plan failed.

Rest here Obama’s New Spending Proposal–Infrastructure Slush Find –Lurita Doan

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