Happy Labor Day 2010

by Cristy Li on September 6, 2010

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This Labor Day marks a milestone in the history of the U.S. Union movement. It’s the first Labor Day in which a majority of union members in the United States work for the government.In January the Dept of Labor reported that union membership in government has overtaken that in the private sector.

Three times as many union members work for the USPS as in the entire domestic auto industry.The face of the union movement is not a worker on the assembly line but a clerk at the DMV

This is a dramatic shift for the union movement. The early trade unionists did not believe that unions had a place in government. They believed that the purpose of the unions was to redistribute business profits from owners to workers—and the government makes no profits. Not until the 1960′s did unionizing government employees become widespread. Bow government workers make up 52% of all union members.

So What? Why should Americans care if unions are now dominated by workers who get their paychecks from governments, instead of workers who get their paychecks from private firms? There is one simple reason: Private firms face competition, government(s) don’t.

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