Gas Prices Are Not Rising Dollar Is Falling

by Cristy Li on February 29, 2012

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Shell Gas Prices Los Angeles on the 23 February

(Cavuto/FOX News) This whole blame ‘the evil oil companies’ for the gas spiral, enough already…Oil is priced in dollars–Dollars are getting cheaper, it takes more of them to buy a barrel of oil, so oil becomes more expensive…because we have failed to get spending under control and we just keep piling up more and more debt, the result is continuing higher and higher inflationary taxes on whatever we purchase. This sad but true story is mostly ignored by the Dinosaur Media and never discussed by the Loony Liberal Lefties but the cold hard facts are still the same and it is the middle class and poor that are hurt the most.

On Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported that small business owners from delivery truck operators, cabbies, carpet cleaners, gardeners, exterminators, plumbers and the like who depend on their cars or trucks to deliver goods and services to consumers are being hit the hardest from the pain at the pump, their profit/loss is inextricably linked to the price of gas and they can’t easily raise their prices or impose fuel surcharges because their customers like them are feeling the pinch of higher prices at the gas pump.

What is Obama’s Plan? Pile on Another $10 Trillion to the Federal Deficit over the next 10 years–Life as we know it would forever be changed if its not already too late?

Chart: America’s Per-Capita Debt Worse Than Greece –Weekly Standard

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