Sport of Personal Destruction–Enough Already

by Cristy Li on June 10, 2011

in Culture

Rep Anthony Weiner, D-NY Leaving Home in Queens

There is much that’s been said about the politics of ‘personal’ self-destruction from the loneliness that each person will one day face (if not now, later) when the cameras are all gone and one is left to reflect on what was, what has been lost, what could have been only if different choices were made?

In a 24 hour news cycle, everything is subject to being known, down to the most intimate details intended to embarrass creepy jerks like Congressman Weiner but are there unintended consequences?

Rep Anthony Weiner’s (now expecting) wife, together with his family have done nothing to deserve the shame that rightly so rests squarely on the disgraced NY Congressman, unfortunately his family and what few friends he may really have, are being rung through the ringer as Weiner, faces the onslaught of media attention at least until the next breaking news story.

Enough Already! While I have written here that Weiner finally admitted lying to the media after the jig was up with photos, texts of his lewd emails and risque phone calls (likely from his Congressional Office) were all made public, this is just a little more information that I need to know.

Likewise, volumes have already been said and written about the so very tragic story of Casey Anthony, the young Florida Mother on trial for her life after the remains of her three year old daughter Caylee were found not far from the home they shared with Casey Anthony’s parents.

Yesterday graphic images of the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony were shown to the jury and vividly described in detail on every nightly network and cable news channel, analyzing every aspect of this horrific, so very tragic and sad case.

What is it about our society that we must know every gory, nitty-gritty fact, in the ‘Sport of Personal Destruction’ of whoever is being followed by the media today?

Not minimizing the importance of these stories, there is other very important news mostly being ignored by the nationwide media, that deserves much more attention than they currently receive because of the insatiable thirst for the most sensational news stories of the day.

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