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10 Rockin’ Redneck Tattoos

We thought that it would be fun to throw together a list of 10 Rockin’ Redneck Tattoos. Even if you aren’t a redneck, we think you’ll enjoy checking out these tattoos. If you are a self proclaimed redneck then you’ll most definitely be in tattoo heaven with these tattoos. Not only are they catchy but to some people, they are downright funny. Regardless of what you think about these redneck tattoos, we hope that you’ll take the time to look through all of them and share them with your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and scroll down now. A vast collection of cool redneck tattoos is waiting on you!

100% Redneck

Are you 100% redneck? If so, this tattoo may be something that you are interested in. Let it inspire you to come up with your own variation of this surprisingly well done tattoo.

Redneck Religion

This is a very unique redneck tattoo that we think will be very appealing to all you rednecks out there. Not only is it funny but it’s actually a very well done tattoo much like the one above this one. Do you agree? If so, let us know what you think about this ink!

Redneck Girl

This tattoo very well may be every redneck’s dream. Not only is it a flashy tattoo but it’s a very appealing subject matter to the right person. Take a look at the tattoo below and see what you think. Chances are, if you’re a redneck, you’re definitely gonna dig this tattoo!

Rebel Flag Tattoo

How could you mention redneck tattoos without throwing in a rebel flag tattoo? One quick glance at the image below and you’ll see why we included this tattoo on our list of 10 Rockin’ Redneck Tattoos. It’s got redneck written all over it and is a very cool tattoo!

Redneck Humor

We all know that rednecks have their very own unique sense of humor (Git R’ Done) and this tattoo showcases that perfectly. If you don’t think this tattoo is funny or humorous at all then we apologize but we know for a fact that plenty of people out there definitely will.

Redneck Deer Tattoo

What redneck doesn’t like to hunt? Not many! This deer tattoo is synonymous with rednecks due to the fact that rednecks are some of the best hunters on the planet. They can even find ways to hunt without using guns or weapons at all. Check this one out! It will match perfectly with one ear piercing on ladies

Hillbilly Tattoo

A lot of people consider hillbillies and rednecks to be the same exact thing. Even if that may not be the case, we thought that this is the type of tattoo that any redneck would love to have on their body. Take a quick look at it and see what you think. We love it!

Back Tattoo

This redneck back tattoo is hard to beat. It’s the perfect example of a redneck tattoo (after all, it says it) and it’s in a great spot. The barbed wire is just an added bonus. Take a look at this sweet redneck tattoo and see what you think about it. We think it’s very cool!

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Redneck Pride

Nothing says that you have redneck pride more than a tattoo that says redneck pride. Throw in a grizzly bear and you have yourself the cream of the crop when it comes to redneck ink. However, there’s nothing funny about how well done this piece of ink is.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Tattoo

Finally, we saved one of the best for last. How do you know that you’re a hardcore redneck? If you get your favorite beer tattooed on your body. If you’re favorite beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon, that also helps. What do you think about this tattoo? We can dig it!

So, there you have it! This concludes our list of 10 Rockin’ Redneck Tattoos. We hope that you had as much fun reading/looking at the list as we did making it. We also want to take a minute to salute all the rednecks of the world because without them, this list wouldn’t have been possible. So, the next time you want to check out some cool redneck tattoos, refer back to this list. Also, be sure to share this list with all of your friends on Facebook!

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