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The Asian Conservatives Blog is dedicated to the spread of conservatism by exposing the flaws of liberalism and its adverse impact on the people as a whole.

America, by all accounts, is a young nation. Yet she’s risen to become a world superpower in a couple of hundred years. The President of the United States is often labeled the Leader of the Free World. So what made (and makes) America great?

Much credit is due to the Founding Fathers of America. The Signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Framers of the U.S. Constitution all realized that they were not creating a nation — they were creating an ideal. It was an ideal that’s brand new, politically innovative, and highly experimental.

Conservatism is embracing this ideal which, through the years, has become American tradition. Acknowledging the Creator. Basic rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Separation of Church and State. Check and balances of the three branches of government. Forming a Republic. These are the essence of this country. These are ingrained in America’s soul.

America is far from perfect. After all, a nation created by men is bound to have flaws. But the Founding Fathers did their best to “form a more perfect Union.” Today many of us have forgotten America’s proud tradition. Worse yet, we let the power hungry and pandering politicians get away with it!

This blog has no political party affiliation. It is published to further the Conservative cause. Along with many other like-minded individuals, we constantly remind ourselves of blessings from God, wisdom from the Founding Fathers, sacrifice from American troops, and perseverance of everyday Americans.

Cristy Li, Editor

Former Law Clerk, presently Home Manager, Dietitian, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, Clothing Buyer, Au Pair, Accounting Specialist and Activity Coordinator.

[Note: Cristy can be reached at cristykairuili (at) gmail.com, or visit her blog.]

Eugene Liu, Publisher & Managing Editor

I am of Asian descent and I am a Christian conservative. I’m also a news junkie, geek, and opinionated punk. I have no patience for lazy people, ignorant folks, or morons.

I wasn’t born or raised a conservative, however. But I was always exposed to politics as my parents were deeply interested in it. I fondly remember in my high school years, after dinner Dad and I would gather in the living room to watch Peter Jennings present the evening news. Oftentimes we had discussions about current affairs, and Dad always had much insight to offer, especially coming from his experience working in government (not the U.S. government). Back then I’d never thought about whether he’s a liberal or conservative, and similarly I’d never considered myself either way. I was just simply interested in politics.

Then came college and boy, that was a brave new world. It was amazing because you got to interact with so many other people from various ethnicity, backgrounds, and of course, political views. I was definitely leaning left-of-center as a college student: pro world government, pro choice, pro social programs, pro environmentalism, etc. But I wasn’t politically active in any way, just hanging in there to receive my diploma.

But I met a very special young Christian woman who later became my dear wife and mother of my child. Thanks to her I got to know the Lord and baptized a Christian. The Holy Spirit had transformed my world view as well, and my political philosophy started to steer center-right.

September 11, 2001 — I was on my way to work with the radio tuned to a classic rock station as usual. Around 9:00 AM Eastern Time came the breaking news: a plane crashed into a World Trade Center tower. Soon after, a second hijacked plane into the other tower. I got to work that morning, but joined other colleagues at the break room glued in front of the TV. We were sent home in the late morning, as I was sure most other companies did that day for their employees. On my drive back home I had no taste for FM music anymore. I changed the radio to a talk show on the AM band and ever since that unforgettable day, the radio dial in my car had stayed the same… I definitely became a conservative that day.

A few years later I became a father. As a father, I cannot stop wondering about my son’s future and his upbringing. Like any other loving parent, I want him to grow up as an independent thinker, responsible decision maker, instilled with common sense, have faith in mankind but still understands the evil that lurks and stand firm against injustice. I want him to love God, family, and country. Hopefully, his favorite books will be the Bible, a family album, and the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Yours truly,

Eugene Liu / eugene (at) asianconservatives.com

Past Contributors

James, Contributing Writer

I am a Christian American of Okinawan descent.  I am a proud father and husband.  I used to consider myself a political moderate/conservative Democrat.  Over the past two years I began actively studying political thought and history.  After beginning this process, it did not take long for me to realize that conservative thought and ideology was mankind’s best hope for real freedom and properity for all people.  This realization also helped me to see the lies and false promises of the progressive/liberal movement.  Over the years, I have volunteered my time in various organizations including:  mentor in America’s Promise, coaching youth sports, and board member and past president of several youth sports organizations.  I am now working to become a conservative activist and educator.

[Editor’s note: James is also the founder of the All American Conservative Network.]

God’s Blessings,

James Schafer

Houston, Intern

I am a born again Christian and a conservative. I’m also probably a little too opinionated and follow the news a little too closely. Though such qualities may not have the best effect on a person’s social life, they sound like fairly normal attributes of a right wing blogger. I’m entering my senior year at the University of North Carolina, which if you didn’t know it is the Cal-Berkley of the South. I lead a middle school Bible study, write for the school newspaper, and volunteer for local political causes in my spare time. I began college a progressive agnostic and will leave a conservative Christian and so in that way I feel my education at UNC has been a complete one.